essential locations

The Locations that, at this point, will be used for Activation:

The Collective Space

48b Florida Road,Morningside. The Collective Space hosted the First DurbanKnight InfoJam and will remain a key venue for creative direct action

Corner Cafe

Corner of Brand and Cromwell, this is an eco cafe with hart and art.

Site of the World'sFirst LINGO Mural

The CiTiZEN HeadSpace

The Proposed Live Performance Stage at UKZN


#occupy is on everyone’s lips and fingertips. How will the DurbanKnights respond? #owns

The CiTiZEN BreathingSpace

The Open Air Grassy Park at UKZN. Can function as relaxation zone and ad-hoc meeting space

Green Hub


One thought on “essential locations

  1. From Nov 28th to Dec 9th –as part of the UKZN’s hosting of the ‘People’s Space’ civil society event – the Centre for Civil Society will host a nightly performance space to provide creative space and opportunities for visitors to UKZN campus. This will take place on the courtyard of the Memorial Tower Building on the Howard College Campus.

    Each evening between 7pm and 8pm, there will be an outdoor screening of environmental and/or climate change awareness films. This will be followed (8-10pm) by a live band and open mic session. Zimbabwean alternative/fusion band *Tanga Pasi* will perform each night, opening and closing the sessions. We warmly invite participants to bring their poetry, spoken word, dance, speeches, musical performance, etc. We also need artists/creatives to decorate the space … please get in touch!

    Please contact pamela:


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