When in #031, you may see a Durbanite,

when in #cop17.031 you mite be a DurbanKnight

The Call-out sounded loud and past the walls, for people in Durban during #cop17 to stand up, accept the challenge and rise to be Knights, serving the army of Justice, lady tall, blind and a weapon in each hand.

Several DurbanKnights emerged through the flames, free-radicals skimming surfaces across the city, night-time taxi’s, carpeted corridors and urban tree shade. Each Knight represented his/her own flag. Each Knight brought their own supplies, networks, creative skills, available time, sheer genius, and time crafted a tapestry of actions, networks, moments and creations that ghosted through the #cop17 process.

The People’s Space

Two DurbanKnights accepted eagerly the challenge, working in murky circumstances to produce a nightly cinema/live performance space. Each evening between 7pm and 8pm, (excluding the weekend) there was a screening of environmental and/or climate change awareness film(s), in collaboration with the Tricontinental Film Festival.

This was followed (8-10pm) by a live band and ‘open mic’ session.  Zimbabwean alternative/fusion band TangaPasi headlined the event, opening and closing the sessions.  The event also hosted poetry, spoken word, dance, guest speeches, musical performance, etc.Excerpts of the sessions were be filmed by community-based video trainees and broadcast on the internet, as well as photography by Timothy Wighall.

The venue provided a space for visitors and climate activists to socialise and network, as well as nurturing creative alternative voices that advocated for global action on climate change and climate justice. The event was enthusiastically received by all who attended (with approximately 100 people passed through each evening). This can be seen from the facebook comments. On Wednesday 7th December, ActionAid launched their new film ‘Smoke in the Sky’ and a special ‘Celebrating Rural Women’ night was organised, with a wide and wonderful range of female artists performing.  On Thursday 8th, we hosted Rootz n Reggae Special Soup and we graced by the presence of The Meditators, The TuffMasters, Men of daPast, Luminati and more.

Pamela & Shawn.



Two performers at these events, known as Ewok and Comrade Fatso, also collaborated on a spoken word track, found here:


Several other songs came through, including the official #occupycop17 song. http://soundcloud.com/creamy-ewok-baggends/occupy

Read Ewok’s written peace in Self Paralysis

LIVE ART as part of the LINGO International Call-out for this mural to be duplicated around the world.

Check out these Logo Jams

Tho we were not able to slay the beast, we did deliver a mortal wound, from inside the belly, the people began to stand their ground and raise their voices

And to complete your viewing, some media from #cop17:


#occupycop17 calls for acoustic musicians and participants


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This Friday, #occupycop17 prepares its final evening and first complete occupation. Friday’s General Assembly, which should start @7pm [watch @occupycop17 on Twitter], will take place at pretty much the same time that the COP17’ers wrap up their party and get … Continue reading

Picture Stream GDA

Remember, Remember….

This last Saturday, the world sat back and watched as peoples of the world gathered on the streets of Durban to make their voices heard. It has been a long time since civil society has arranged a march of this magnitude, and so it was with much disappointment that we saw the ANCYL’s ‘politicized’ behaviour take attention away from the key message of ‘Climate Justice’

Again, it displays how differentiated most governments (and other top-down institutes) are, and how far away from being agents of the Peoples wishes politics can be. Still, the fact this march was peaceful and orderly suggest that peple can guard over themselves and choose actions for and by themselves. Counter- government? No. Pro-People!

here are a few sites to click to see picture feeds from the GDA.



[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQnBxze5boU]


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ActionAid @ #COP17


There are a few essential truths that are emerging from the COP17. #durban peoples have been living in the shadow of the City Damager, Mike Sutcliffe’s complete ignorance of natural wealth and true value of our city. Factor in the … Continue reading

#OccupyCOP17 calls for General Assembly


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#OccupyCop17: Climate Justice General Assembly Governments of the world are, for the 17th time, assembling to discuss how we react on an international scale to a changing climate. During these last 16 years a sane response to an unsustainable global … Continue reading

Ewok makes his move

Beware the self paralysis that has you trying to make one move that will mean never having to make another move again, the desire for a clear path or an obvious switch that will make it all cool and hunky dory and utopian, the desire born from a culture of instant gratification where we want our solutions to come nicely wrapped, salty and sweet and satisfying, real value for our time (money), beware this self paralysis that has us numb and neutralized when facing the bigger picture, unsure of what move to make when there are so many moves to make so we end up not moving at all, paralysed by the overwhelming analysis of it all that has us judging the motives and movements of others in an effort to justify our own lack of motion, beware the self paralysis that penetrates our potential for action and atrophies our energies.

Every single move counts, the small ones and the big ones. Size is immaterial and only of our own construct. Your minor movement might be major to me, so make a move, any move, and lets motivate more motion.

“Every little bit counts…”
Shout it when you are swinging from a crane, sing it when you are picking up a piece of litter, think it when you are smiling to yourself while the world watches.

Battle the paralysis.
Make a move, for yourself, for us all.

Your move…

Former President calls for #occupydurban


we’v been calling it #owns (#occupywallnutstreet), #occupycop17 and a million other #tags.  Former President José María Figueres from Costa Rica calls it out plain and clear: Occupy Durban,   Remember Remember

Can You Hear It???


in the distance, just beyond neverLand. the rumblings.cracklings,clinking.chingching. litter clatter of sounds, a junkyard of emotions. somewhere in the distance, around the corner our minds could never bend past, a force is arising. Not skywalker, earthwarrior, the whoomping roar of … Continue reading