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0nce again


Durban is a late starter. The Durban Film Office distributes this communique on Feb 17 and is a typical snap shot of life as a Durban-based creative (and KZN community-member) : Dear Stakeholders, We were contacted by the Cape Film … Continue reading

Guy Buttery performs Thursday


Thursday 8 december Guy Buttery   8th of december 19h30 R60/R30 for members Young South African fingerstyle guitarist Guy Buttery will release his newest album, “To Disappear in Place”, on vinyl format with a wealth of new, never before released content. … Continue reading

R2K assembles Thursday


Right2Know KZN to picket Speaker™s Corner on Thursday 8 December We invite all supporters and the media to join us in a lunchtime picket (12pm-1pm)on 8 December 2011 at Speaker™s Corner [@occupycop17] (Cnr Braam Fischer & Samora Machel St) in Durban.  Stop the climate secrets! While … Continue reading

#occupycop17 calls for acoustic musicians and participants


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This Friday, #occupycop17 prepares its final evening and first complete occupation. Friday’s General Assembly, which should start @7pm [watch @occupycop17 on Twitter], will take place at pretty much the same time that the COP17’ers wrap up their party and get … Continue reading

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Remember, Remember….

This last Saturday, the world sat back and watched as peoples of the world gathered on the streets of Durban to make their voices heard. It has been a long time since civil society has arranged a march of this magnitude, and so it was with much disappointment that we saw the ANCYL’s ‘politicized’ behaviour take attention away from the key message of ‘Climate Justice’

Again, it displays how differentiated most governments (and other top-down institutes) are, and how far away from being agents of the Peoples wishes politics can be. Still, the fact this march was peaceful and orderly suggest that peple can guard over themselves and choose actions for and by themselves. Counter- government? No. Pro-People!

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Yes Men

If you’ve not heard or seen the Yes Men, well, here’s your chance. This documentary first screened in Durban during the Film Festival a few years ago, causing a mini riot if ideas and inspiration, and now it returns to a screen near you.

Yes Men Fix the World (Film screening)

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When: Sat, 10 December, 14:00 – 16:00
Where: Centre for Fine Art and Design (CFAD) (map)
Description: SmartScreens ends 2011 on a high note with the screening of one of the “funniest films ever made” and the years’ top documentary film, “Yes Men Fix the World” at CFAD, 183 Cowey Road, Durban, 10 December at 2pm. The film is a wake-up call on the dangers of letting business rule the world. It follows the screwball activists from India to NewOrleans to New York, as they infiltrate Big Business in their quest to fix the world, one hoax at a time. It is a film with, a hundred laughs, and a powerful political punch. The US government has of course also been the target of the Yes Men. It starts with a momentous event: when the Dow Chemical Corporation shocked the world by announcing, live on BBC television in front of 300 million viewers, that the company would finally take responsibility for the 1984 Bhopal catastrophe, and would adequately compensate the survivors. But the Dow Spokesperson was actually one of the infamous “Yes Men” who scam their way into the bastions of power by posing as corporate executives. Readers of The New York Times got some historic news: the Iraq War was over, a cap had been placed on CEO salaries, and George Bush had indicted himself for war crimes. Copies of the fake paper delighted everyone; it seemed, except The New York Times. SmartScreens is a Durban initiaitve which runs free monthly screenings of films on contemporary local and global issues such as the financial crisis, environmental crisis, economics, happiness, consumerism, health, food, war, freedom.