Video Buzz Paris

Citizens of the Earth are being asked to contribute to a video-buzz that is focusing on Paris (post Friday13) and the COP climate conference that will happen in the coming weeks. This is an opportunity for people to show support to the city where the main conference happens, while sharing what their localised actions are.


“The goal is to really give the feeling that the mouvement is HUGE and very active. For that, lot of people from different organisations and different locations will be talking one after an other.”


Find below the call-to- action details

Here is what they need to do :
– Film their selves in a place where we understand where they are in the world and what they are doing to get ready. There is mainly 3 things they need to say :
1. They could say something like “We, in New York will be doing ……… for Climate Change”  Or “We in Japan, will be walking with pictures of people from Paris as they can’t walk” … For this sentence they can chose what they want to say but its important that we understand 1.they are abroad 2.getting ready to take action and 3.make a sentence as small as possible. 
2. “It’s time… Now more than ever !” AND “And you, what do you do ?”
3. The slogan of their organisation if they have one. For instance, The Climate Games would say “We are nature defending itself”
They have to tell it in their own language first and the in english.
The video needs to be online as soon as possible so its very important to be efficient on that. At the lastest, the videos have to be received on wednesday 25th 8am Paris time (48 HOURS FROM NOW) on my email
Si tu as besoin de plus d’infos tu peux me contacter au 07 82 32 26 79. Je n’ai pas d’accès internet régulier ni de smartphone donc contacte moi uniquement par téléphone s’il te plait.
Merci beaucoup et à très bientôt j’espère.
Arthur Levivier.


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