COP21 analysis by Pablo Salon (translated)

The original article was published November 10 here>>. This is a google translation of that article.


[Pablo Solon] Climate Paris Agreement is just a remake of the Cancun Agreement has failed miserably for their voluntary contributions that are more responsive to the interests of large corporations and politicians to the needs of humanity and life on earth.

To limit the temperature increase to 2 ° C the Cancun Agreement should have committed reducing annual emissions of greenhouse gases to 44 Gt of CO2e by 2020. But the promises of Cancun we will be in 56 GtCO2e for that year.

Now the Paris Agreement should ensure that global emissions drop to 35 Gt of CO2e by 2030 and according to INDCs (Intended Determine National Contributions) we presented will be 60 Gt CO2e annually by 2030.

Both agreements deliberately obviated most importantly, set a limit on the extraction of fuels (oil, coal and gas) that is responsible for 60% of emissions of greenhouse gases.If 80% of known reserves of fossil fuels in the ground is not left it is impossible to limit the temperature increase to 2 ° C.

Also, the Paris Agreement does not guarantee the goal of zero deforestation by 2020 set in the Millennium Development Sustainable knowing that this activity generates 17% of global emissions. By contrast continues along the path of the carbon markets and the “offsets” allowing such a country “compensate” the deforestation of native forests with monoculture tree plantations.

Finally, financing for adaptation and mitigation is absolutely insufficient and both agreements has no mechanism to compel compliance and sanction promises. In short “the emperor is naked” and cop21 vera burn the planet.

Tomorrow is another possible!


The future is not written. It depends on what we do now. What happens at COP 21 is the result of a long process through which large corporations have captured governments and climate negotiations at the United Nations. For politicians seeking their immediate popularity and his reelection this agreement is good because it does not force anything. For the extractive industries this is a good agreement because it allows them to continue doing business as usual and pass them creates new carbon markets through REDD, Agriculture Climate-smart, CDM + “offsets” by changing land use, and quietly opens the door to false technologies such as Carbon Capture and Storage, bioenergy and geo-engineering.

To build another morning we regain our ability to dream and out of catastrophism to which we are accustomed to mass media. A quick transition and accelerated out of fossil fuels possible. The technologies to do this are within reach. Solar and wind power have dropped dramatically in price and continue to do so. The possibility that countries like Bolivia, with a high solar radiation, can have 25% of its electricity by 2020 from photovoltaic cells is absolutely feasible. The development of nuclear projects and large mega hydroelectric dams or not justified for environmental and economic reasons. Today it is possible to think of a world solar, wind micro-hydro and other initiatives.

The theme is not only the type of technology but who controls it, what is its scale and whom it serves. The transition we need is not only out of fossil fuels but also private and state centralist efforts to move under the logic of capital and the logic of power.Solar energy why we should bet is not large solar panels plantations evict indigenous and rural populations, but for a family, community, cooperative and municipal solar energy company that empowers the consumer and that the returns on production of energy.

Today the fight against climate change is the struggle for the defense of our forests are being overwhelmed by agribusiness. Native forests are a major source of food if we live with them through various initiatives ecological agroforestry. Each hectare deforested emits 500 tons of CO2 as well as being a serious attack on biodiversity, the generation of oxygen, the water cycle and the indigenous peoples who inhabit the forests. To “compensate” a deforested hectare, only in terms of CO2 capture are needed to reforest 18 hectares within 10 years for the trees to grow. From every point of view it is best to stop and deforestation of native forests. The peasant, family, community agriculture is cooling and can further cool the planet. The peasant agroecology is a real option against poisoning and toxic agro-transgenic using agribusiness.

The future we want is not to be wrought by the public sector or the private sector. Both must stop being the center of economy and politics for society to take charge of their own destiny. What we need are initiatives that decentralize and democratize economic and political power that is now concentrated in banks, large corporations, the state bureaucracy and militarism.

The real alternative to climate change is a real democracy. The answer to tomorrow we want is an organized self-conscious humanity, and empowered. A humanity to stop deify the market and technology and to recover their humanity to itself and with nature.

We can no longer wait solutions from above and cop21 least from a witness who is cowardly climate crimes that plague the planet. Today the morning that we can only come from below, from the local, from concrete experiences to change our patterns of consumption, production and life as a whole. Changing to save the climate system is something that is built day by day, in struggles such as “Ende Gelände” to close the largest coal mine in Germany, the protests in India against nuclear power plants, initiatives to expand a community solar energy in Bolivia, mobilization to expand the rural agro-ecology that cools the planet and save our forests are the lungs of the Pachamama.

The process of mobilization towards cop21 in Paris should serve to relaunch, coordinate and strengthen the various local initiatives in which this seed morning and another possible change of system.



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