CommuniTree SESSIONS: Callout for Skills and Stuff

The CommuniTree SESSIONS takes place  this week, And we need some support from the Durban community to complete our tasks. We will be making some art pieces for the REALForestsRally as well as supporting visiting internationals in preparing for the Rally.

We are requesting from the community the following items:


Newspaper and plastic sheeting (to cover floors)

Cardboard (pieces for people to make statements on)

Paint and associated supplies

Empty Containers (glass jars, yogurt cans, and such)


We need artists, painters and illustrators to collaborate on some banners and artwork for the rally.

Translators – if you cans peak a lil spanish or french or some other language of South Africa… and want to practice , there will be many people from different lands around…

Photographers. to document this process of creation and to document the actual rally

We also require someone to help us with some sewing (we can provide a machine)

Here’s a list of stuff we have already:

Some Fabric to make banners

Paint, rollers and brushes (could always use more)

A few glass jars for mixing paint



Poles for holding banners up (only three at the moment)

We also have some spots available for poets and performers for the Thursday closing ceremony under the CommuniTree. Please contact us through this blog post (comment below), or on Fbook on this page: FBOOK



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