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Calling all Creatives, Ents, and Defenders of the Forests!!! We invite you to sit under the CommuniTree for our evening program of painting, drawing and creativity… The world gathers in Durban to speak about trees, and their value as commodities. We want to Speak For the Trees, for they have no tongues. And we need artists, free thinkers and generally rad people who are looking to get involved.


On Tuesday 08 and Wednesday 09 September, there will be evening creative sessions, (The CommuniTree Sessions) where people from around the world gather to prepare artwork for the RealForestRally. We invite creatives from Durban to join us in helping to make pieces of art, as well as to welcome some pretty amazing fellow human beings from our planet.


Details and contextualization below:

Where: Munies Hall (between Bot Grdns and Kendra Hall)

When: Tuesday 08 Sept @ 8.30pm

Wednesday 09 Sept from 6.30pm

Who: Anyone who wants to get involved. We will be painting, making stuff and having fun

Bring: Newspaper, Paint and supplies if you have, empty containers for water/palettes, Cardboard, Spare Fabric (for painting on), creative spark, your hands, your heart

Durban hosts the 14th WFC (World Forestry Congress), a once-every-six years gathering of people around the economic value of wood, timber, trees and plantations. We see this as an extension of the commodification of nature, the continuing gap being wedged between humans and their environment. Civil Society groups advocating for the rights of trees, questioning the legal definition of “forest’ and  representing the cultural and social value of real forests, have an alternative program which runs around the Botanic Gardens during the WFC (its called the CSAP)

CSAP logo.jpg

As part of this activation, community leaders and representatives are gathering at City Hall at 9am on Thursday 10 September as part of the Real Forest Rally. Our creative sessions are to help people prepare for this Rally [click HERE for FaceBookGroup].

rally flyer

Further Readings:

The need for alternativeprograms

The TREE Study

  • All artwork was stolen from the internet cos we thought it looks so damm cool, except the featured image (, rally poster by Vness, and CSAP artwork courtesy of TimberWatch. Thanks to all artists….

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