Going, Going, Gone

This Saturday, Durban hosts the local chapter of the #march4elephantsandrhinos global movement. As part of the callout for better custodianship of our animal kingdom (and elephants+rhinos in particular), the Durban march will begin at King Dinizulu Park @10am and end at City Hall around 11.30am

We are leaving the starting point lead by Mashozi, a Landover belonging to Kingsley Holgate and named after his late wife.  Marchers should get to City hall at about 11:30am, were there are speeches and a memorandum of demand will be handed over the to city officials, a representative of the Mayor’s office. We will have the book that was started by the World Youth Rhino Summit for marchers to sign at the end point, the book is destined for the White House and other key countries.


The March Route

The starting point is the small park across the road from DUT City Campus and Christian Center (down Berea Road, where it becomes Dr. Pixley Kaseme Street).


There are a few options for joining the March from the starting point (@10am). One could park at King D. Park, though it gets pretty busy here. Parking should also be available at Berea Center (you could walk down from there, or catch a quick taxi from across the road). Alternatively, you could park at the Workshop (end point) and catch a Market taxi to the start point.This means you are close to your car at the end of the activity. Ideally, people wishing to attend should use the Facebook group to arrange their final travel plans and try to travel with more than one person in a car.

Official Press Release



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   25th September 2014


CONTACT: Yvette Taylor




Global March for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions – Saturday 4th October 2014.


South Africans are uniting with thousands of people in over 120 cities across the globe asking us all to shun ivory, rhino horn and lion bones as commodities. Set to be the largest demonstration of its kind ever, the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (GMFER) on 4th October will raise awareness and ask each and every government to publicly destroy their stockpiles of illegal wildlife products, to show zero tolerance for illegal trading.


The walk has gained massive support including   Mrs Helen Clark, head of the United Nations Development Program had this to say, “Together, we have to work to stop the slaughter…… on the 4th of October in more than 120 location around the world – from the iconic Maasai Mara to New York people will march for elephants and rhinos ….. find out where you can march for Elephants and for Rhinos on the 4th of October and please take part. Thank you”


“Debating the statistics is no longer relevant, “ GMFER event organizers say, “it doesn’t matter which data you choose to look at, there is no denying that the world is rapidly losing elephants, rhino and lions towards extinction.”

 Painfully clear too is that even in this ‘modern age’ a rampant demand for freshly poached elephant ivory, rhinoceros horn, and lion bones continues. This growing trade in body parts is a key factor in the demise of these globally iconic species, and GMFER event organizers say that “killing this demand is a key part of the solution.”

 The message is loud and clear and coming from all corners of the globe – at the current rate of killing and with the growing demand for ivory, horn and bones, our children’s children are highly unlikely to see the most magnificent animals in the wilds of Africa.

 There are times when we have to make crucial decisions based on the information we’ve got. GMFER organizers are encouraging us to make such a decision now, because there is no “later” for the elephants, rhinos and lions.

 The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization cordially invite you to join them at the Durban Global March for Elephants and Rhinos 4th October 2014.


81 Berea Rd, King Dinizulu Park opposite Durban University of Technology Finishing at the City Hall Down Dr Pixley Kaseme St (old West Street)https://www.facebook.com/events/388607577944259/

Find a March near you: http://www.march4elephantsandrhinos.org


The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Tel: +27 31 2662024







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