Reel Revolution

Nothing is separated from Anything Else. The NU world dawns, and its early light, we are sensing more and more the dissolving of divisions, the time when we realise our divine nature, and re-align our society and its systems to work in accordance with Natures patterns. In looking to navigate towards more just, open and resilient NU cities, permaculture and transition town design methodologies are useful tools to experiment with.

Permaculture is an ethical design system that looks to create a seamless management of human vision and needs within the limitations and opportunities of the landscape. In bringing together natural resources, technologies and infrastructure, with the ethics and principles of permaculture,  we start to see the NU Durban on the horizon, a world that we are actively co-creating. Transition Town is a design framework for shifting urban spaces to less (fossil fuel) consumptive society that uses visioning techniques and timelines

A unique project (see blog here) at an attempted-marriage (or wooing at least) of the permaculture and bicycle communities,  happens this Sunday as the Durban response to the People’s Climate March’s call for Global Action around climate change. A specially convened United Nations Conference happens in New York this week, as the world attempts to gear up in anticipation of COP21 in Paris next year. The Paris event is significant in that this is where countries are being pushed to commit to ‘universally binding ‘ agreements around the global response to climate change.

The Sunday event is connected to a group of creatives, permies, cyclists and activists gathering around the idea of Transition Towns, and figuring out how to connect Durban’s voice to the larger narrative of COP21 and the Post2015 Agenda.

The action happens at the Green Hub, the seemingly isolated activation in the Blue Lagoon. Called the Peoples CliMate Jol, the Durban Permaculture Group has temporarily adopted the Green Hub as a ‘site’ and will host an interactive demonstration of permaculture at the Green Hub. The perma group has in the last week, conducted a very quick analysis of the site, and produced a first-design, finding ways to incorporate more efficient use of water runoff from the roof, while demonstrating perma patterns with a keyhole design. The interactive lesson will see people immersing themselves in setting up a section of the Green hub’s garden, an opportunity to learn through sharing, and getting some dirt under the nails!

This connects to a sustainability cycle ride, which uses the Hub as its starting and end points, encouraging people to engage with the cycle lanes being tested on Masabalala Yengwa Ave. The cycle lasts about an hour at a gentle pace, and cycles past the Stadium and back onto the beach, stopping at the Bike n Bean. Start time is 9.30am with a ‘pimp your bike’ workshop (people are encouraged to arrive early to add decorations and pinwheels to their bikes) and the actual cycle starting at 10am.

There will be also be a SolutionSpace, where technologies like solar cookers, container gardens and non-commercial trade will be presented and explored. Several musicians have also promised to pop by and join the live art installations in adding Durban’s unique creative energy to the event. citizens are also invited to bring their own solutions to the public space and share/teach/learn/exchange. Alternative economies will also be explored.

We encourage Durbanites to co-create this event by bringing a picnic and showing and sharing their eco-solutions: this could include renewable technologies, recycled or re-purposed goods, natural healing, and organic produce. Please also bring your bike for the ride and musical instruments. We will also have a ‘bring 2 gifts and take one’ swap for clothes and items you no longer need.

This event is the start of a larger discourse over the setting up of a citizen action group that gives effect to a commitment to actual change, as evaluated by their peers. This commitment runs for 365 days, and has started to form around the idea of ‘Transition Towns’ and less consumptive societies. This commitment, in creative uploads, pictures, or visions, is in itself that starting point for dealing with the Post-2015 Agenda, which will affect the very worlds of our children. This is a key moment in global governance, evolving to become a suitable custodian of the EarthShip.

See the Facebook event for updates:

CliMate Sustainability Cycle

GPS Coordinates : 29°48’40.57″S 31° 2’15.82”EClimate March around climate change and globally accepted binding agreements and strategies (Post2015 Agenda) :

The UN Summit this action forms around:

Resource List:


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