Youth and the NYC March

In September, world leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution.

Hello MGCY peoples!


As you may know, the Ban Ki-moon Climate Summit is coming up September 23 to mobilize ambition for climate change. Some members of the YOUNGO constituency formed a special working group called Youth Climate Action (YCA). Here is their message to you:


Dear friends,


With just one month to go until the Climate Summit in New York, youth are uniting around the world to call for meaningful and ambitious climate action. But we’re also going much, much further.


We cannot simply wait for governments to act. Instead, we’re working tirelessly to tackle climate change in our own countries all over the world. We are the generation that will be most affected by climate change. And we’re also leading the way in trying to stop it.


Youth Climate Action is an ambitious project to showcase and celebrate youth-led climate action. Our interactive world map will link up our initiatives and tell their story. To find out more, and to add your own project to our movement, please visit our website:


We’re laying the foundations for a strong and dynamic international youth climate movement that will go beyond Paris and COP21. I hope you’ll join us.


Please find attached our press release for more information.



Help spread the word!

All the best from Youth Climate Action


Press release
On road to the 2014 UN Climate Summit,
The Youth Climate movement is back and stronger than ever!
Paris, France, August 23rd 2014 – Youth Climate Action, and organization of young
people from across the world, have today launched an online web platform to
showcase youth-led initiatives that are tackling climate change in the run up
to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit to be held in New York in
The web platform is designed to link up local and national
initiatives on an interactive map, highlighting the crucial role that
young people are playing across the world and spurring on world
leaders to commit to tough and urgent climate action.
Flick Monk, from Youth Climate Action, said on the project’s
launch: “Young people are leading the way on climate action. We
want to show world leaders what we’re doing, and how much we
care about the future of the planet. They must listen to the next
generation and do all they can to tackle climate change globally.
We hope our web platform will go some way in inspiring them to
do that.”
The launch coincides with a global push by environmental NGOs
to put climate change back on the international agenda in time for
the crucial round of climate negotiations in Lima in December 2014. Decisions made in Peru will
feed into the hugely anticipated “Global Deal” to be negotiated in Paris in 2015 – an agreement
involving all Parties that will offer a long-term framework for global emissions reductions.
The web platform created by Youth Climate Action will form a basis on which to strengthen the
international youth climate movement in the run up to Paris and beyond. Young people can add
their initiatives, actions and events on to the web platform by going to the website and filling in
their details.
For more information, please contact:
Sabrina Marquant:



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