Our Spring

A call out for DurbanKnights to move to action and claim this spring as Our Spring

Earth School

The world is changing, the Earth is turning and the stars keep seeming to move in their beautiful patterns. Under these suns, the citizens of Earth are scrambling around, trying not to talk about the Falling Sky. Disconnected, isolated and pitted against ‘Them’, modern society is a farce and a paradox. As the eye of Big Brother watches from above, on the streets, we feel the buzz. The futility of the wars. The corruption that goes on and grows on. The police state being politely installed. We are moving further and further from natural patterns, and even our sense of time has been warped and distorted.

These moments are the ones that will be remembered. At such a key time in humanities rise from the soil, it seems as though every choice and decision is key, making visible how each affects the other. The internet helps us see what we…

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