Two evolutions Later

Remember Remember….


The Third of December 

Durbanites stood up tall, loud and proud on this here 3rd December two years ago, as the #cop17 circus road into town and set up their big tent over the I.C.C.


The Global Day of Action was our moment to rise, to shine, to unite as a city, nation and global family… a unified action to show the forces of corporate corruption that the people will now longer take their crap.

And shine we did, roar, speak, juggle and dance….

In the two revolutions of the sun, the peoples of the Earth have gone thru two revolutions themselves. Both sparks of people led movements were immersed in the way of the peaceful warrior, and both were, in their own ways, the birthing process of this NU world,we all stand and dance in.


So in these ways, we thank the active participants from Turkey and Brazil, and all the free ajents of direct-action and ninjahs of justice across the world and timeline, for being diligent and holding onto the truth, and mostly for being sparks for inspiration for the world at large.


We are now already in the NU world, and the currency has changed. the power switch is complete, and the authority is now restored to the people. Even as this NU world bristles with the magic of change and is soundtracked by the passing comet…. each step in the next sequence/s is vital. Good luck to us all.


Eyes wide Open….

Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt


The Occupy COP17 track



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