Get Connected

Sunday 23 June is significant for a few reasons. The pedigree full moon is the closest the moon will be to the Earth til August 2014. It is also the anniversary of the establishment of the worlds’ oldest parliament (Iceland in 930AD), the submission of the American constitution (to be ratified in September 1787) and the patent extended to Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868 for the typewriter (a communication tool that greatly democratized spread of information/ creation). It also well known for the M23 freedom movement in Senegal.

This day in history speaks of the quest and achievement of transformative change, through innovation, legislative and future planning. The Full Moon this year connects us to the water cycles that link all living things, plants, animals and humans.

And fitting it is, that in Durban in this day of June23, we see a move to get connected over issues of sustainability and the future of our world.wirikuta

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