This is a pictorial account of our Blue+Green Days. Essentially Earth and Water School direct action events, these pictures document the collaborative efforts of a team of young and self-determined active citizens of the earth working with their hands, hearts, the elements and fellow citizens to help manifest this NU-World we are all dreaming into existence.

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GREEN 7June2013


greenday2 greenday3greenday4


greenday7 greenday8



BLUE 8June2013

blueday3 blueday2 blueday4 blueday1 blueday5
blueday7blueday6 blueday9blueday10bluedaysliz blueday15 blueday14 blueday13 blueday16blueday12bluedaysliz2 blueday8

Thanks to GSA , Val Adamson and for the pictures


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