This weekend in Durban, an alliance of forces combines to present documentaries, learnings, yummy food and fun-in-the-sun, all towards the aim of re-connecting us to two of our Primary elements:



Alliance Française de Durban hosts the Friday presentation, a full on Earth school day. There will be a very short introductory course to permaculture starting at 2pm, presented by City-Zen Gardens and the Green Squad Alliance.

This will be followed by a presentation on renewable energy, covering topics like rainwater harvesting, solar panels and other fossil-fuel free lifestyle choices.

From here, its organic soup (please book @  031 312 9582), a screening of ‘Do the Math’ and documentary by Jean-Paul Jaud called FOOD BEWARE: The French Organic Revolution (Nos enfants nous accuseront)




Saturday is World Ocean Day. In celebration of this, and to raise awareness of the fragility and inter-dependence of the entire ecosystem on oceans, a sandcastle building exercise is being planned on Durbans’ beachfront. In front of the skate park/CircusCircus is where you will find the team building 400 sandcastles, bringing attention to the fact that the world has just recorded 400ppm (parts per million) of carbon in the air, way higher than the scientifically recommended upper-limit. Bring yogurt containers,buckets and wear suitable clothes to join in the fun and games

images from the sandcastle vibes for when we hit 350ppm

images from the sandcastle vibes for when we hit 350ppm


350 is long past

Some readings on 400ppm


Contributing Forces

350nd is a global grass-roots movement that uses creative actions, online viral campaigns  and its massive network to influence media and opinion on climate-related issues


Alliance Francaise is a Non-Profit-Organisation dedicated to the promotion of French language and culture.


The third major partner is the GSA, a people’s movement for a more ecologically sustainable future, launched at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and aiming to mobilise the youth into addressing environmental issues and creating an awareness around environmental issues.

citizen gardens

City-Zen Gardens is a collaboration of guerilla gardeners,horticulturists,eco-activists and concerned citizens of the world have claimed back land to start perma-culture gardens and promote ecological,climate and environmental justice.



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