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Africa is now the only country where our staple food is already GMO’d. This is alarming, and part of a strategy to justify more infiltration throughout Africa. So, it was important that South Africa stood up along her brother and sister nations of the world on May25’s #marchagainstmonsanto

mamdbn unclesam

There were several convergences around the country, the three majors as well as some minor towns adding their voices in harmony, in unison against this modern evil of GM foods and the control of Monsanto.

mamdbn mamdbn r2k

Durban’s convergence happened outside the Workshop in central town, with a bunch of happy action-ers displaying banners, an Uncle Sam, and of cos the Vb inspired giant maize installation

mamdbn3 mamdbn4 mamdbn2 mamadbn maize

mamdbn cityhall

The march itself was a few loops around the taxi ranks, and eventually snaking through the underpass on the way to City Hall. From here, it was back to the starting point and smaller groups chatting and meeting and exchanging contacts on the grass, before heading off to the Songs for Seeds concert.

mamdbnseed2 mamdbnseed3 mamdbnseed4 mamdbnseed

Songs for Seeds, a free concert in support of the May25 day of action in Durban, was the result of many musicians, poets and DJs collaborating to put on a performance on a rooftop venue in the heart of the city. Beautifully decorated and with a full roster, the poets brought the truth, the musicians brought the beauty and the DJs brought the vibes, all working together to produce a truly amazing experience. This is the heart of the DurbanKnights project, creatives being involved in their world and actively using their creativity to shape the world. Karma free food was also available, thanks to Amrta’s


The product of this amazing interaction are these two tracks, filled with musicians and poets, an entirely collaborative co-creation in support of a GMO free city and world.

One picture taken at the Durban convergence even made it onto this picture from Occupy Monsanto. Amazing and well done to all.

monsanto op dbn included

Here are some pictures from the other convergences around South Africa






mamct4 mamct5 mamct6 mamct mamct2 mamct3


plett mam plett mam2

plett mam3




grgmam grgmam2 grgmam3





For #mam related news see http://paper.li/minimal_mystic/1368691578



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