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In the following days, Durban gears up to take direct action and use their collective creativity within the community, to stand up against the immoral and illegal actions of Monsanto. The issues in the spotlight include the right to eat real food and not poison, the rights of people to grow their own food and harvest their own seeds (as nature intended by design), to have harmful ingredients in foods acknowledged and displayed on packaging and the resistance to global corporate dominance.

most recent poster #mamdbn

most recent poster #mamdbn

In accordance with the right for people to gather peacefully and share in a meaningful action, a march extends through Durban City, with the followin program being published:

10h00 – MARCH
11h30 – Street theatre at the Workshop & bus terminals

Move to 101 on Pine (corner Monty Naicker and Walnut):
1pm – media conference with inputs from organisations involved
2pm – till late MUSIC and POETRY

Cosmic Collective, Urban Shaman, SideWayz Produxionz in association with Earthdance & YOU

“Muso’s Against Monsanto – Songs for Seeds” 

A FREE event in support of the ‘Durban March against Monsanto’ (see

Join us after the Durban March Against Monsanto as some of South Africa’s most serious musical talent raise their voices for the Future!

Steve Fataar
The Meditators
Free Haine
Lu Dlamini
Hinds Brothers
Poppy Seed
Sara Margaret Jackson
The Accidentals
Menzi Maseko
And more …

PLUS Conscious Cinema, Talks, Poets Corner, Organic and Agroecological farming Displays, Raw Food Demonstrations & more.

EarthDance (The Global Dance Party for Planetary Peace) will be hosting an after-party starting at 9pm at the same venue, featuring some of Durban’s best underground Dj’s & artists: 

*****Full Moon on The Rooftop*****

DJ’s -Special Guest – *BuShaman* Lee, Kaluta, Kaptan Kermanchi, PsyBaba, DJ Vader, Emn8, Chemikult, 


*****Chill Zone – Reggae*Dub*Psydub*Amibent*Electronic & Live Organic Chillage*****

DJ’s – Drumshack Jon, BuShaman, PsyPixie, Ressa, Raysonic, TigerSun, Spyro, Syntax, Emn8 & Guests

Décor by Emithini

Sound Engineering by Big Ears

101 on Pine Pub & Grill (across the bus station from the ICC)

This is a FREE event. All the musicians, coordinators and artists are doing this for cause & for the love, please show YOUR love by donating at the door for the organic gardening project (and to cover emergency production costs)

Info – 082 746 5883 



It is advisable to park at the ICC or Workshop parking areas and catch the People Mover bus to the Botanic. That way your transport will be on hand when you are giddy from the gig!

There will also be an exhibition and workshops held at the CFAD on the same day

workers month 25may

In addition, a paint party is being organised on 18 may at 101 Pub and Grill.

*On Saturday 18 May 2013 there will be a paint party in preparation for the Durban March against Monsanto 25/05/2013

So do please join us and bring COLOUR! – water based paint, fabric, brushes, newspaper, placard making material cardboard, egg boxes etc. PS: Feel free to bring music the deejays that are on duty just might take requests!

Venue: 101 on Pine Pub N Grill
Time: 11 am – 6 pm (Venue opens for a gig at 7pm)
Date: 18 May 2013

*On Thursday 16May there will be a prayer vigil outside the State President’s House from 6pm. So do join R2K in showing the President that we are united in our resolve to keep our democracy unchained. See attachment for more info regarding the prayer vigil on Thursday. Also way below is a article that appeared in the Daily Maverick regarding the new, tamer Secrecy Bill and why its still not constitutional.



EASTBOURNE ROAD (From Musgrave Rd,go along Innes Road, left into Mentone Road, left intoEastbourne Road) 


TIME: 6.00PM

The Right2Know KZN will hold a vigil to urge President Zuma not to sign the Secrecy Bill into law. The bill is on his table and he has a chance to uphold our democracy by referring this legislation to the Constitutional Court for a review.

Contact person : Joanne Adams   Cell : 083 4981583 Tel.: 031 2602825


*Also on Thursday Durban will be holding a free film screening of ‘DO THE MATH’ on Thursday 16 May 2013 details for this event still to be confirmed.



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