You Are Invited To A Public Meeting

DATE: Saturday – 3 November 2012
TIME: 12 noon – 2 pm
VENUE: Live The Venue – Stamford Hill Road – Durban
No bookings – just arrive – entrance is FREE – capacity 700

The Ubuntu Liberation Movement arrives in Durban this Spring. This Saturday between 12 and 2pm, Michael Tellinger shares his story and presumably some form of action or activities are being planned.

We are seeing this surge the world over, cultures and peoples banding together and confronting their enslavers (see corporations) and the jail wardens (see governments).

Even as the world turns over a new leaf and People led Evolutions race across diplomatic borders, South Africans stand responsible for our contribution to this moment. Already, our constitution is considered a model (Read Here), and already, this fresh movement hits the tumbling east coast just in time for the Summer Blaze.

Our constitution of course, is based on The Freedom Charter, crafted on blood, sweat and paper at the Congress of People, Kliptown, on June26, 1955. It assures us that ‘The People Shall Govern & Share in the country’s wealth, and that All shall be equal before the law.”

And so it rolls through Full Circle. The only way a constitution can prove valuable, is if it is used in the correct manner.

Get evolved, remain diligent, practice action….


A Blueprint For A New Social Structure
We, the people, have appointed the politicians as our servants to do the best they can for us.
The politicians and the government have failed us dramatically on every level. They have betrayed the dream of Nelson Mandela and many other people of integrity who dedicated their lives to our freedom. Today, as South Africans and the rest of humanity, we face a greater threat than any other threat we have faced before. The threat of absolute enslavement by those who control the global economy and the financial systems.
“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community. Let us utilise the wealth of our land to provide abundance in all areas of life for the people.” Michael Tellinger 2005.

“We are the 99 percent – The government is our servant – They are NOT serving us.”
Every socio-political system we have ever had has failed us dramatically. South Africa, like the rest of the world, is sitting on the verge of complete and devastating financial meltdown with catastrophic results for all of us. We have to begin exploring a brand new way ahead for our country and ourselves. This will require a complete shift in the way we think to allow us to change what we believe to be “unchangeable”.
South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries of the world and yet we have more poverty, more homelessness, more hunger, more crime, more disease, more despair, more misery than ever before in our history.

Our Inalienable Rights – The Rights of All Citizens 

  1. The country belongs to its people  – The land belongs to the people
  2. The water, the rivers and lakes belong to the people
  3. The beaches and the oceans around us belong to the people
  4. The forests, the mountains, the skies above and the airwaves belong to the people
  5. All the minerals in the ground belong to the people – the gold, platinum, chrome, copper, iron, tin, aluminium, diamonds, coal and all others
These do not belong to the government or any other corporation that has unlawfully laid claim to it.
The South African economy and natural recourses have been plundered by greedy international corporations, supported by reckless and ignorant politicians, with no remorse or any accountability to its people. Our economy has been hijacked by international bankers who have been granted complete freedom to financially cripple every South African. They have created a complex legal system to protect their own interests and the agendas of the large multinational corporations that support them. Our legal system does NOT serve the people. Corporations have more rights than living breathing human beings. The government has clearly shown that it has no respect for its people and has turned the people into its slaves.
Everyone knows in their hearts that this situation cannot continue and we need to find lasting and real solution NOW. We have to choose a completely new course that will liberate the people from the never-ending cycle of economic and financial slavery we are all trapped in. It is up to us to stop being the victims constantly asking for handouts from the government. It is time to choose a new way of unity and abundance for ourselves, the people.
The UBUNTU Contribution Movement and nationally registered political PARTY  presents a solid foundation for a new social structure to take us into a new era of real freedom from financial tyranny, into real prosperity and real control of our own destiny as the people of South Africa. Our philosophy is based on the principles of absolute equality, abundance for all, traditional African values  and Unity Consciousness.
“Africa was once GREAT – let us make her GREAT again.” Sanusi Credo Mutwa











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