Nairobi Declaration towards Rio+20

Our Nairobi Declaration

We – the delegates to the Kenyan Youth Strategy Meeting for Rio +20, Gigiri Campus, Nairobi, 13th and 14th October 2011, hosted by UN Habitat, Peace Child International, Youth Alive! Kenya and the Organisation of African Youth
Acknowledge the African indigenous knowledge of the sacred value of the environment to the well-being of humanity and biodiversity;

Commit ourselves to promote innovations that will develop a green economy that results in the eradication of poverty

Take note of the past declarations towards environmental sustainability both at the African and the Global level, and share their sense of the urgent need for structural and infrastructural interventions in policy formulation to enable the implementation of the policies they propose.

Recognize the current global environmental challenges, particularly climate change, which impact on our common future and wellbeing.

Taking account of the above, we commit to pursue intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms that –
1. Support good governance and transformative leadership.
2. Promote Education, information exchange, communication and awareness;
3. Achieve sustainable agricultural practices that reduce hunger, starvation and enhance food security for the long-term.
4. Advocate for development and implementation of a policy on sustainability towards a Green Economy.
5. Encourage investment in, and the promotion of, eco-friendly entrepreneurship.
6. Develop sustainable green cities and rural villages
7. Promote public engagement and participation through culture and volunteerism.
8. Promote Youth Development and Capacity Building.



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