0nce again

Durban is a late starter. The Durban Film Office distributes this communique on Feb 17 and is a typical snap shot of life as a Durban-based creative (and KZN community-member) :

Dear Stakeholders,

We were contacted by the Cape Film Commission mid last week to ask us if we would like to participate in this initiative. We of course said yes and requested further information that was received yesterday. The deadline for application was scheduled for today. We have been in discussion with CFC and DTI to offer an extension on the deadline as the current deadline would be impossible to meet. The CFC has agreed to extend to midday Monday for submissions provided the submission is sent directly to the DTI. I am attempting to contact the DTI for a further extension until Tuesday morning and will let you know before close of business today if we have been successful. We apologize for the inconvenience but unfortunately had little control as to how this was rolled out. We do not want Durban to miss out on this valuable opportunity and will therefore forward this release now so that those wishing to apply are able to act immediately. Please note, that whilst we agreed to participate, we were not privy to the contents of the attached release prior to it’s publication – a matter that we have raised with the CFC. It is my understanding the CFC was under pressure to act in a very short period of time and any mis-communication was completely unintentional. Should the DTI agree to an extension until Tuesday, the Durban Film Office would be happy to assist in delivering applications via overnight courier provided we receive submissions by midday Monday.

Kind regards,



This is not the first time that we find ourselves in this scene, a familiar four-act play on the consequences of the” Industry BrainDrain”….


And how can this thread into http://artmanifestosouthafrica.wordpress.com/





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