COP17 = 200 Million Climate Deaths

COP17 = 200 Million Climate Deaths


Durban, South Africa – Confidential reports emerging late Wednesday night (7 December) from the secretive climate change negotiations taking place inside the ICC confirm many climate justice activists’ long-held suspicions and fears: the UNFCCC process has been co-opted by corporate interests, and has failed humanity.

The so-called “Durban Mandate” initiated by the EU and reportedly supported by the South African Government and key “civil society” players – organisations that have for years raised funds in the name of the struggle against climate change and climate injustice – have caved in to pressures for a deal at any cost. Even a bad deal.


The “Durban Mandate” is a terrible deal. Here’s what it means:


  • Despite the spin we will hear in coming days, the Kyoto Protocol is dead. The world’s only binding international agreement aiming to prevent climate change has been gutted, with nothing to replace it.


  • The world is headed for an average temperature increase of at least 4°C. For Africa, this means a temperature increase of 6-8°C, with massive impacts on water, food, health, security, and much besides.


  • Hundreds of millions of people across the world, especially Africa, have been condemned to hunger, thirst, insecurity, dislocation and death. These are the poorest of the poor – people who bear no responsibility whatsoever for the destruction of the planet.

This is genocide – but NOT IN OUR NAMES!

Join us Friday, 9 December at Speakers Corner

(Corner of Walnut and Bram Fischer, next to the ICC):

Rally: 1pm

All Night Vigil for Climate Justice: 6pm




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