#occupycop17 calls for acoustic musicians and participants

This Friday, #occupycop17 prepares its final evening and first complete occupation. Friday’s General Assembly, which should start @7pm [watch @occupycop17 on Twitter], will take place at pretty much the same time that the COP17’ers wrap up their party and get ready to move on to greener pastures.

The Green Triangle that is Speakers Corner will, for the night, embody the ‘#occupy’ mindset of civil disobedience and common consensus, providing perhaps the canvas for all the #occupy call-outs that have been voiced in the last few weeks.

The #occupycop17 team has requested from Durban to arrive in numbers to participate and help host the overnight vigil, by bringing instruments, guitars, drums, voices, hands and feet to help make the party.

Catch the original article @ http://occupycop17.org/2011/12/04/high-level-negotiations-call-for-high-level-action/

Watch www.occupycop17.org and @occupycop17 on Twitter for direct updates

#occupycop17 has been holding space for the duration of the COP17 process and as the massive summit grinds to a halt and prepares for its finality, the next few days may see even more calls for civil disobedience in order to push for a legally binding agreement that is fair and just.


One thought on “#occupycop17 calls for acoustic musicians and participants

  1. the city of the hammer-head-bird has been turned into COP 17 frenzy….the people not knowing what is going on have stayed in their tiny yards, drank their brokeselves up and go past the occupiers to swim, SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT/APARTHEID HAS WORKED!


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