Slay the Carbon Market Demon

Nature is not a commodity. Nature is a part of us all, a living matrix of matter, spirit and form driven through space under the forces of gravity and inertia.


Part of the ‘solution’ that the 1% is offering as a solution to climate change is the commercialization of Nature’s services. This means we find ways to place a monetary (equivalent) value on things like soil, trees and water flow. The argument is… if we can place a monetary value on Nature, people will value Nature and her services more.

It seems like a reasonable position. However, by placing Nature in an economic framework, we run the risk of reducing Nature into just a commodity, something to be traded and replaced, an organic market that we can shape, mold, alter and destroy.


And that’s what the Carbon Markets is about, making Nature a commodity for the purposes of trading. And if that isn’t terrible enough, the real driver behind these carbon markets is the 1%, a profit driven market system that cares only about its own survival and the benefit of just the dominant few.

So heres a brand new video, released this morning, that showscases some of these concerns and contains a few hard hitting comments.



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