Picture Stream GDA

Remember, Remember….

This last Saturday, the world sat back and watched as peoples of the world gathered on the streets of Durban to make their voices heard. It has been a long time since civil society has arranged a march of this magnitude, and so it was with much disappointment that we saw the ANCYL’s ‘politicized’ behaviour take attention away from the key message of ‘Climate Justice’

Again, it displays how differentiated most governments (and other top-down institutes) are, and how far away from being agents of the Peoples wishes politics can be. Still, the fact this march was peaceful and orderly suggest that peple can guard over themselves and choose actions for and by themselves. Counter- government? No. Pro-People!

here are a few sites to click to see picture feeds from the GDA.



[youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQnBxze5boU]


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