Friday’s Events

As the forces of capitalism, control and tyranny gather to exchange business cards and lunch dates inside the ICC, people from the ground, all over the Earth, are assembling to produce a force powerful enough to raise our voices.

Part of this movement to free our voices and gain control back to the Peoples, the Global Day of Action March takes place 2mrw, Saturday. Tonight, Friday, at The Collective, we gather to finish making costumes, banners and outfits.


Here is the full program for today:

Today there are a few events happening today.

First is the amazing General Assembly at 1pm in Speakers corner, followed by Banner Making and t-shirt printing for Saturday’s march, and a CLOWN WORKSHOP at 3pm at speakers corner (corner of Walnut and Bram Fischer st., near the hilton and the ICC).
Rain Location: The Climate Train, Durban train station Track 15 (follow the green footprints on the ground. its right up the road from Speakers Corner).

Tonight, we will be making art (banners, t-shirts) from 8pm until 12pm at:

The Collective
Gallery promoting Durban Artists. Free venue hire, balcony space overlooking durban. Local beers and Organic coffee.
48b Florida Road
Tel:             +27 (0) 31 303 4891

The collective is not very big, so if you are a large group, please come during the day. Also, PLEASE BRING WHAT MATERIALS YOU CAN. Some will be provided, but we might run out if people don’t bring their own.

See you there!



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