ActionAid @ #COP17

There are a few essential truths that are emerging from the COP17. #durban peoples have been living in the shadow of the City Damager, Mike Sutcliffe’s complete ignorance of natural wealth and true value of our city. Factor in the fact that the SA government is a capitalistic control mechanism serving the needs of corporates and ignoring the basic tenets of the Freedom Charter, and we start to realise that there is a reason we dont know what COP17 is.

They want us to be stupid, to think that this is another conference, that the Olympic bid is what people will remember Durban by. INCORRECT. Durban will become synonymous with whatever results and binding agreements come out of the #cop17 process.

Enter organisations and media projects from around the world. The issues these guys are pushing are not local or regional. Climate Change is a worldwide issue, and its time Durban got up to speed. One site that we’v just discovered is

They are in Durban during the #COP17 and some of the services they are offering include:

  • Real-time analysis and interviews from inside the summit. 
  • Comment on the Kyoto Protocol and whether it will hold negotiations hostage. 
  • Analysis on how climate cash can and must be raised even during a financial crisis. 
  • Briefings on the false solutions rich countries are plugging to cut carbon emissions and their impact on the poor.
  • Interviews on the link between climate change and hunger.
  • High impact photo and filming opportunities. 
  • Real-life stories, photos and footage from around the world.

Check out actionaid’s #cop17 feed at

A list of recommended actions include:


Thurs 1 Dec:              Launch of Rural Women’s Assembly (1 – 5 Dec), University of Kwazulunatal, Durban

500 rural women from Southern Africa will gather to send a message to governments and policy makers at COP17 that their voices must not be shut out of the negotiations. Climate change is a threat to the lives and livelihoods of rural communities all over Southern Africa who feel the brunt of rising temperatures and erratic and extreme weather. Yet rural women – who are inextricably tied to their dependence on land – will be locked out of COP17. Good opportunity to gather the real-life stories of those on the front line of climate change and hear their arguments on how to adapt their land, as well as calls for land redistribution and government subsidies for smallholder farmers.

Sat 3 Dec:                  Global Day of Action march, []

20,000 people will march from the Curry Fountain to the International Convention Centre (ICC). ActionAid will be marching with giant, three-metre-wide balloons carrying the message “Let’s fight climate change and hunger together”.  Following the march, protestors will move to the North Beach for an evening concert.

Sun 4 Dec:                 Wangari Maathai vigil, 7-9 pm

Beautiful evening vigil in remembrance of Nobel Prize winning activist Wangari Maathai.

Mon 5 Dec:                Giant and colourful projection, next to summit centre (tbc)

A spin on the iconic image of the ‘evolution of man’, this giant projection will depict the ‘devolution of rural women’, as carbon emissions from rich countries weigh them down, destroying their harvest and stealing their homes and livelihoods

Weds 7 Dec:              Actionaid Aid/ Oxfam joint event on rural farmers (details tbc)

Fri 9 Dec:                   High impact photo opportunity (tbc)

Colourful reaction to the close of the summit.

Here are a few links to check out.Remember to use #cop17act for direct action tweets and posts

Check out actionaid’s #cop17 feed at also works in South Africa []


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