General Assembly @11am

Outside the ICC this morning, #occupycop17 hosts a General Assembly. The #occupy movement is a revolution in progress. DurbanKnights will discover the joys of ‘direct democracy‘ in action as the General Assembly will attempt to bring consensus decision making on mutual objectives. this is exciting, and once again, its time for DurbanKnights to rise to the moment and represent the search for Justice and Equality.


At 11am, people will start gathering to hold the General Assembly and there a few ways that DurbanKnights can get involved. The most awesom way to do this is to head down to the site which is right outside the ICC.  If you can’t, there are still ways that we all can add value.

Occupy the space

At the meeting point, what would help the information flow is live info ajents tweeting, facebooking, status updating, retweeting and generally harnessing our social networks. Images and Tweets are key elements in our arsenal, so bring your androids and cameras, click, tweet, hashtag, LIKE

Occupy your Seat

DurbanKnights can form part of an invisible army of media ajents by watching the Twitter feeds, changing your Facebook status and retweeting information as it happens. The key time frame for this is from 10am through to 1pm (we are estimating this).

Facebook status updates is one great way to alert your friends.


If you are media savvy and wanna follow the stream, we have a list of hashtags we think may be used. try the more standard hashtags like #cop17 and #UNFCCC as well as these.





Use the comment bar below to thread your thoughts and observations.

See you there or thru the web











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