RoundTable 2 @The CollectiveSpace 2nyt

Tonight from 6pm @The Collective Space, Durbanknights hosts a RoundTable Creativity Session :

Get involved directly with creativity and direct action in Durban during #COP17.

[use #cop17.031]
Start the movement, join the world stance against climate crimes.
Tonight :Roundtable Creativity Session
RoundTable Create Sessions
The Collective
48b Florida Road
24 -11-11 This Thursday from 6 til late
Create Session: Making Banners, Scriptwriting Short Videos, DigitalMedia Content, Strategic Networking and Creative Brainstorming,
Open creativity sessions (bring your own projects)
DurbanKnights is a network to tap into and contribute if you are in Durban during #COP17, are creative and an active citizen focused on the real issues of corporate greed, and in support of documents like the Cochabamba People’s Agreement . Read through our site to see what issues and solutions we’r presenting. We stand for creativity directed towards exposing climate crimes, it’s people making a move, joining a movement, pushing the sea to start the tide. Its time, Durban’s time, time for Durbanites to stand up, be DurbanKnights

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