Training Day

Invitation to artists of all disciplines who will be at COP17.

Dear Durban Artists and Artists in Durban,

COPART is arriving in Durban on the Climate Train on Sunday 27th. We have been travelling across the country on this amazing (and often overwhelming) moving mobilisation machine. We are aware that very many exciting cultural activities are already planned or in final stages of planning for COP17 and the Global Day of Action on the 3rd Dec. We are also sensitive to the fact that Durban Artists may possibly be feeling a little ‘put out’ with all these national and international artists arriving on your doorstep with no real communication until now!

In the spirit of collaboration and creative solidarity and also in an effort to distinguish our unique contributions as Artists to COP17 we would like to host an open platform for all local and visiting artists to share plans, collaborate and, if needed, support each other in our performances or activities.






The broad sphere of sustainability oftentimes responds to the symptoms of climate change and environmental decline, or perhaps the structural or technical elements of our system, aiming to try ‘fix’ the problems, as if only a single component is ‘broken’.  Yet we all know the social and natural world is too complex and organic to be treated like a broken toaster. 

While many are responding to the technological, scientific, economic and political responses to climate change, artists are working with the systemic cultural foundations that underpin meaningful social change.

Everyone with an imagination is welcome to this open exchange  


WHEN: 29th November 2011,  9h30-12h30

Contact Dylan or Kyla  for more information


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