DurbanKnights call RoundTable

 We are DurbanKnights, a Leaderless Disposable Collective focused on activating and harnessing our creative potential on direct action projects around the COP17 Circus.


This last grey Saturday, The Collective Space hosted a DurbanKnights Info Jam and creativity/brainstorming session. What emerged from this is a core of creatives looking to collaborate and co-create strategic creative actions. This is not an exclusive core, just the bunch of people who are willing to move, make a noise and do what they can and should. If that sounds like you, then know that you are already in!

The next meeting is Tuesday, again at The Collective. DurbanKnights start gathering at 6pm for The RoundTable

The RoundTable is a system where we gather to create and share our creative and strategic projects.

Agenda for Tuesday 22-11-11

@ The Collective Space(48b Florida Road, next to Ikes Bookshop)

  • 6pm De-Brief from the InfoJam
  • Update on conFerenceOfpOLluters CardS and Iconography
  • Open Floor Space for discussing individual and collective actions
  • Feature Presentation +
  • 7pm Break/ Network
  • Create Session: this is a communal creative space, where you are invited to bring your creative project or join one of the groups already working. In this session, we work directly on creative projects. Today’s groups include:
    • Conference of Polluters [visual+design]
    • Occupy 1% [creative+media]
    • Whatever else is brought to the Table
    • The One Outcome: creating communally, The OilWatch Banner [see embedded and attached (in original) picture] Artists around the world are encouraged to create their own interpretations of this image:

Materials you could bring with you

  •  Your own brushes
  •  Your own paint or paint to share
  •  Cardboard
  •  Material for banners
  •  Spray cans
  •  Really fat bottomed glass jars [for sprouting]

  Materials we will supply >>

Banner Material

Paint Brushes







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