Ewok makes his move

Beware the self paralysis that has you trying to make one move that will mean never having to make another move again, the desire for a clear path or an obvious switch that will make it all cool and hunky dory and utopian, the desire born from a culture of instant gratification where we want our solutions to come nicely wrapped, salty and sweet and satisfying, real value for our time (money), beware this self paralysis that has us numb and neutralized when facing the bigger picture, unsure of what move to make when there are so many moves to make so we end up not moving at all, paralysed by the overwhelming analysis of it all that has us judging the motives and movements of others in an effort to justify our own lack of motion, beware the self paralysis that penetrates our potential for action and atrophies our energies.

Every single move counts, the small ones and the big ones. Size is immaterial and only of our own construct. Your minor movement might be major to me, so make a move, any move, and lets motivate more motion.

“Every little bit counts…”
Shout it when you are swinging from a crane, sing it when you are picking up a piece of litter, think it when you are smiling to yourself while the world watches.

Battle the paralysis.
Make a move, for yourself, for us all.

Your move…


One thought on “Ewok makes his move

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