Stand up, Durban Knights

As the world faces the triple crises of climate, economics and governance, COP17 descends on Durban, and the eyes of the world will focus on us. This represents an unparalleled opportunity to highlight the local and global struggle for climate justice through international media.As leaders negotiate,  business plots and the people protest, artists can play a powerful role in informing, inspiring and influencing hearts and minds, and affecting the process.From Madrid to New York, Tunis to Athens, Cairo to Cochabamba, London to Durban people are taking back power and finding solutions that place people and the Mother Nature before profits and greed. As we fight extraction, destruction and apathy, our weapons rely on the innovative creativity of occupation, protest and activism,  giving our solutions are a voice. In Durban, that voice should be loud, colourful, vibrant and filled with rich African flavour.This is a callout to all artists, creative workers and cultural activists to channel creativity in all forms to call for fairness and justice. For cooperation and unity. For clean air, clear water and healthy food, workplaces and communities. To be part of the protest against colluding governments elites and greedy corporations.

Join us in unifying our creative energies with climate justice struggles. Through the art of peaceful protest- song, dance, music, film, poetry and pictures, we can shape an equitable and ecologically just future.

Be part of the DurbanKnights, a local collective specific to the artistic response to climate justice at COP17. (still in development)

19 November
The Collective.
48b Florida Rd
10am till 4pm

Briefings on the climate, economic and governance, and why we should be active in Durban
Effective creative action, examples from climate camp, occupy wall st, uk uncut
Using the media: Creating the event
Art as direct action
Brainstorming and creating session

We have a few resources that we would like to generate on the day, so will have paints, canvas and other art materials available for those that would like to get working right away.

(please forward to anyone interested in participating)



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